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David Brummel | 05/30/15

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if you're not happy with your smile, let us fix it.

Jaime Young | 05/30/15

With the recent developments in dental techniques and dental materials, cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for many people to have a better looking smile.

Jaocb Philpott | 05/30/15

If a dental crown is put in, you may need to have a bridge put in to anchor it. Being afraid of the dentist is no longer a good reason to avoid treatment.

Annette Kasper | 05/28/15

After the initial oral test, you can specify that the patient should see an oral surgeon to work out the scope of general practitioners. Besides good oral home care and regular dental visits, it is important for everyone, but especially women, to take the recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D, exercise regularly and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Douglas Davison | 05/26/15

During oral sedation dentistry, you will maintain a level of consciousness so you can feel safe.

Alan Edwards | 05/25/15

The crown is directly connected to the abutment or implant. Orange peel is good for whitening your teeth, and makes your mouth smell good.

Jacquelyn Sullivan | 05/24/15

Chewing raw foods can be great for your teeth, and avoiding processed foods means you'll develop less plaque.

Carolyn Kohlberg | 05/24/15

If you lose a filling you may experience pain when drinking hot or cold drinks.

Craig Harrison | 05/22/15

Dentists have a history and experience in providing continuing anesthesia, sedatives and other types of anxiety and pain control procedures on their patients. During the initial visit to the dentist, the enamel in the front and sides of the patient's teeth is removed.

Dawn Piniak | 05/21/15

If you do not like to floss, try using floss picks to make it easier to get in between teeth. The production of saliva is also reduced during fasting.

Debra Tubbs | 05/20/15

Teeth bleaching, reshaping of your natural teeth, braces, bonding and porcelain veneers are methods generally used to straighten and correct your smile.

Jennifer Jones | 05/19/15

A pretty obvious tip that people may forget about teeth whitening is to make regular visits to your local dentist. The most common symptom of sensory nerve damage during dental treatment is prolonged for weeks, months or more after the accident.

Brittney Hufstedler | 05/19/15

Diagnosing and treating dental problems as early as possible can save you time, money and much discomfort. Dental implants are placed on a post that is drilled into your jawbone.

Ariel Moreno | 05/17/15

Remember that really bright shades of lipstick, no matter the tone, will draw attention to your mouth and your teeth.

Beth Carter | 05/15/15

Baby teeth come out because a chemical in the baby's body causes the cells to separate and die and that allows the teeth to push through.

David Baumgarten | 05/14/15

Encourage your child to drink from a cup as soon as possible, it will also help to avoid problems associated with baby bottle tooth decay.

Anthony Tonar | 05/12/15

When getting dental insurance, do not get features that you do not think you are going to use.

Chad Cochrane | 05/12/15

Most people do not have room for wisdom teeth, which is why they need to be extracted.

Darcy Troutt | 05/10/15

Your dentist may need to lance your gum blister in order to drain out the pus and infection.

Jennifer Mullendore | 05/10/15

Detecting tooth decay under a veneer can only be done by your dental professional.

Donna Bitsche | 05/08/15

The bone around the implant is firmly in the mouth. Your baby needs calcium to have strong teeth and bones.

Carol Saucier | 05/06/15

If you do not brush your dentures every day they will develop stains.

Betty Crunk | 05/04/15

Avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol or have coloring added to them.

Chris Cinolotac | 05/02/15

Oral surgery is commonly performed to prepare your mouth for dentures, when performing root canals, or while repairing jaw problems.

Darlene Blasco | 05/02/15

Pay close attention to making sure dentures are properly fitted if you wear them.

David Augenblick | 04/30/15

Often, the cavity can be removed and repaired, leaving the existing filling partially or completely intact.

Dana Kotler | 04/29/15

If a nerve gets infected, you will need some antibiotics to take down the infection.

Catherine Landry | 04/28/15

If the nerve in one of your teeth is damaged, a root canal will be done to fix it.

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