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Jason Logan | 10/19/14

Most drinking water with fluoride added helps prevent tooth decay.

Harry Wyeth | 10/19/14

Ask for a brief visit to the dentist to get a feel for the atmosphere and make sure you are comfortable.

Jennifer Anderson | 10/18/14

You don't need to be embarrassed by a gap in your smile.

Carol Martico | 10/17/14

This is how to avoid problems with dental implants.

Jennifer Karlik | 10/15/14

The bone around the implant is firmly in the mouth. In less severe forms, gingivitis can be controlled.

Diane Rechel | 10/13/14

Being afraid of the dentist is no longer a good reason to avoid treatment.

Christine Miller | 10/13/14

Be sure to get proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your diet every day for good dental health.

Jennifer Speer | 10/12/14

For this reason, patients must undergo a rigorous selection process before they can start with the implant.

Derek Colwill | 10/10/14

Implants are not for everyone.

James Roberts | 10/10/14

Most dental treatments are painless these days and can sometimes even be quite relaxing. Avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol or have coloring added to them.

Eric Garber | 10/09/14

Dental implant bone grafting is a surgical procedure that can be done in the dental practice.

Georgene Stepanic | 10/09/14

Every type of treatment requires that the patient is using good daily care at home.

Jennifer Baker | 10/08/14

You may need to have an open tooth for a few days while the pressure of an abscess releases. Have the dentist check for temporomandibular jaw syndrome and discuss treatments with you if it is needed.

Jaime Zindler | 10/08/14

A light sedative allows patients to not feel the procedure being performed or be conscious of the dental work.

Helen Wittner | 10/08/14

In this way, a dentist prescribed a tablet or liquid that is taken orally, usually an hour before surgery.

Heather Killian | 10/08/14

The chemicals used to whiten your teeth at the dentist will only work on the natural tooth surface.

Carol Wootton | 10/07/14

If you've had a car wreck, you may be suffering with TMJ problems.

Erin Councilman | 10/07/14

A dental hygienist will scrape the tartar off your teeth with a special tool.

Dorothy Berning | 10/06/14

There seems to be a direct link between the bone health of a person and their oral health.

Dorothy Murray | 10/05/14

Hydrogen peroxide can increase temperature sensitivity in the teeth, especially at high concentrations, and nightguards often cause gum irritation.

Holly Owen | 10/04/14

The best way to preserve the health of the teeth and prevent bad breath is to thoroughly remove plaque at least once a day.

Jerry Holmes | 10/02/14

If you take good care of your teeth and get cavities taken care of right away, you can avoid root canals. A wisdom tooth can push your other teeth away from them, or even in a horizontal or vertical position.

Bethany Barnat | 10/01/14

Choose a toothbrush with a handle that is long enough and wide enough to handle it for you.

Della Nestlebush | 09/29/14

Dental infections that are not treated quickly can turn into life threatening problems.

Jenifer Schramm | 09/28/14

You are at a higher risk for gingivitis while pregnant, and many insurers will pay for more frequent visits to the dentist during this time.

Ann Mallon | 09/27/14

The effect called vasodilation makes the blood vessels in the affected area dilate to help reverse the affects of the anesthetic.

Carol Ross | 09/25/14

If there is more pain and fear, you can talk to your dentist about simple sedation, so do not worry.

Jasmina Mcnew | 09/23/14

A happy and healthy smile can be the difference between getting a job and not getting it.

Crystal Young | 09/22/14

Most people don't know that sugar cane juice is actually good for your teeth.

Angie Iaquinta | 09/21/14

If you have kids, dental insurance is a must, because the price of going to the dentist can get very high.

Jennifer Dufresne | 09/21/14

Electric toothbrushes are highly recommended by many dentists because they eliminate better plaque than regular toothbrushes. Your dentist will numb the area around the infected tooth and get ready to put in a crown.

Amber Parsons | 09/19/14

Avoid letting teeth whitening products from having contact with your gums.

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